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Permalash Ambassadors Programme: What You Need to Know

We’ve got some very exciting news for you all…we’ve now launched the Permalash Ambassadors Programme!

Designed to showcase the talent within the beauty industry, the Programme is open to talented brow artists and lash technicians across the UK.

Read on to learn more about the Ambassadors Programme!

How Do I Become an Ambassador?

To become a Permalash Ambassador, all you need to do is complete our application form. Simply provide us with your details (name, email address and business name), your reasons for wanting to join the programme and your social media handles. You can also upload videos and images of your work when filling out the application form.

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What Are the Requirements for Becoming an Ambassador?

Our only requirements are that you’re currently working within the beauty industry and are qualified (or are working towards qualifications) in your chosen field of artistry. We’d love to work with lash technicians and brow artists who are regular users of Permalash (and are familiar with how to use them), passionate about beauty and are social media savvy.

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve submitted your application, our team will review it. We’ll take a look at your reasons for wanting to join the programme, your social media presence and your submitted work (if applicable), then respond to you within 28 days to let you know if your application has been successful.

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What Would I Need to Do if I Joined the Programme?

In essence, the Ambassadors Programme is about promoting Permalash and your work. There are no scary contracts to sign, all we ask of our Ambassadors is that they post about our products twice a month on social media and tag us in the content. You could share before and after images, talk about the Permalash products you love or post a video of you applying our tints to your clients – the sky’s the limit!

You can find more information in our Ambassador Rules and in our Ambassador Terms & Conditions.

What Perks Do I Get as an Ambassador?

As part of the Ambassadors Programme, we give exclusive access to a brilliant range of perks. These include:

  • A 25% discount to use on our website
  • Exclusive access to new product launches
  • Discount codes to share with your followers

In addition, we’ll also share your work on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well as feature you on our website. We’re adding more perks in the coming months, so stay tuned to learn more!

Ambassadors Programme: Image of a brunette woman, looking at the camera.

Our Current Ambassadors

We’re thrilled to be working with a number of phenomenally talented Ambassadors, including…

Find Out More…

If you’ve tried and tested our products, we’d love to hear from you! Please tag us on Instagram or Facebook so we can see those amazing before and after transformations! If you’d like to sign up for our Ambassadors Programme, please submit your application here.


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