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How to Find the Perfect Shade of Permalash for You

Jul 23, 2020 | Help & Tips

Find the Perfect Shade of Permalash: Colour image of a beauty therapist at work.

Lash and brow treatments are more popular now than ever before, which is why it’s important to find the right product with the finest ingredients to deliver the best results, like Permalash. So why are these treatments becoming more popular? There are many reasons as to why more and more people are choosing to have their brows and lashes treated; It saves the client time – the need to apply make-up to the brows and lashes is eliminated. The eyes stand out more and become more vivid as individual hairs are penetrated with the dye. Eyebrows have a more natural-looking colour compared to pencilling on make-up which can be overdone and look unnatural.

Permalash is the professional’s choice when picking a premium eyelash and brow dye for their clients. It has been the leading product in the field of lash and brow tinting for many years. Permalash has been specially formulated to reduce the risk of allergic reaction and is created to be vegan and cruelty-free. The dye is great for contact lens wearers and is also water-resistant. Despite its gentle formula, it delivers a perfect tint every time which is recognised with 5-star reviews.

Image of a variety of Permalash products, from Zena Cosmetics.

Choosing the Right Colour

We offer 5 different shades of dye; black, blue/black, brown, light brown and grey. The dyes are also suitable to mix together, meaning the shade results are endless and you are guaranteed to find a suitable colour for your clients.

It’s so important that the brows work well with both the client’s hair colour and skin tone. Make sure you consult with your client thoroughly about what kind of outcome they are looking for and what shades would work the best for them. For brunettes, it’s a good idea to apply a dye which is either a shade lighter or a shade darker than their hair. This way their brows won’t look too light or too dark for their appearance. Here at Permalash, we have a great range of brown-toned dyes. We also have a great colour range for darker haired clients which are amazing shades used on their own. If your client needed to have a darker brown colour applied, adding a small amount of the black dye to the brown shade would achieve that dark brown shade needed.

Those with blonde hair can have very varied brow colours naturally, you will have clients with blonde hair who have dark/mid-brown brows and some with very fair brows which could be as light as their hair colour. Getting a shade close to the natural base tone of their hair colour will compliment them the best. The brown and light brown dyes from Permalash can be used alone or would also be perfect to mix and match with the blonde brows to get the perfect tone to match their base colour.

Similar to blondes, redheads can have very light brows and slightly darker ones with a similar undertone to their head. Stay clear of dying the brows to match their hair colour, this can make the brows look too orangey. Ashy tones are best for redheads. Permalash’s light brown dye has the perfect ashy undertone to complement their natural hair colour.

Ashy tones are also a great match for those with grey hair. Ashy brown and blonde colours complement grey-haired clients beautifully. Using both the grey and light brown shades from Permalash will create a custom blend to enable you to get the best shade for your client.

With a range of colours, there’s no problem trying to find a perfect match for your clients’ brows. No matter what skin tone they have, cool, yellow, neutral or pink, the dye colours can be used separately or mixed to create the perfect harmonious undertone.

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