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Permalash Product Origins

Discover more about our history and product origins.


The Original & Best Lash Tint

Going strong for over 40 years

Permalash was originally formulated in Sweden at the end of World War II as a long-lasting alternative to mascara and brow makeup. Since the early 1970s, Permalash has been exclusively produced for us in Austria and sold to salons across the globe.

Designed to last for up to six weeks at a time, the lash tint quickly became a hit in the UK, where it’s become a staple product in many beautician’s kits. In fact, our lash and brow tint is so beloved, we’ve not changed the main ingredients in our formulation in more than half a century!

Vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and completely waterproof, Permalash comes in five different shades to suit a wide range of hair colours, skin tones and preferences. What’s more, you can custom blend the shades to create bespoke shades for your clients.

As brow and lash tinting has become more popular in recent years, we’ve stood the test of time and cemented our position as the original and best salon tint brand on the market.

product-origins-oxidants-permalash Tint

Specially Prepared Oxidants

Generously sized and featuring a precision nozzle to eliminate waste, our range of high-performance and easy to use oxidants are the perfect accompaniment to our range of tints. Available in cream or liquid formulations, the oxidants are suitable for use on brows and lashes.

product-origins-black permalash -permalash Tint

Rich and Vibrant Tint Shades

With five shades of Permalash available, you can be sure to achieve a vivid, deep and darkened result. Whether your client wants a naturally enhanced look or a dramatic result, you can deliver brow and lash perfection when you use our lash and brow tints.

product-origins-black permalash -permalash Tint
product-origins-lash papers -permalash Tint

Professional Tools & Accessories

We have a great range of professional tools and accessories to ensure you achieve a perfect result every time. From application brushes and protective papers to eye makeup remover and tint mixing bowls, we’ve got everything you need for your kit under one roof.


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